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 Samsung Mobile phone Essay




Buyer Awareness And Satisfaction Toward Samsung

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Ujjal sandhu

(Lect. Dept of Management)

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Prem Kumar

Experts of Business Administration

(2nd semester)


Chandigarh-Patiala Freeway, Jalalpur (Banur), Near Chandigarh

Affiliated to Punjab Specialized University, Jalandhar.



Certified that the project survey " Consumer Awareness And Satisfaction To Samsung. ” is the original work, Prem Kumar., who also carried out the project function under my supervision as a part of Assignment of Research Method.


Ms. Ujjal sandhu

(Lect. Dept of Management)


All of us hereby announce that the task entitled " Consumer Consciousness And Fulfillment Towards Samsung” submitted pertaining to the Job of Exploration Methodology is our unique work as well as the project has not formed the basis for being any degree, associateship, fellowship or any various other similar game titles.

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_____________________ Prem Kumar




Honest thanks to the subsequent people….

A Few typewritten words of thanks can-not really exhibit the truthfulness of my gratitude. Although I was still looking to put into terms my gratefulness towards every who have helped & encouraged me in carrying out this kind of project.

I would like to thank Prof. P P ARYA (Director, DR . IT. ) to provide me guidelines and my own worthy due to my educator Ms. Ujjal sandhu (Lect. Dept of Management) for his or her valuable contribution during the academics session and guidance in preparation of the project survey.

Finally, yet importantly, I want to express my own heartfelt thanks to my

beloved father and mother for their benefits, my friends/classmates for their support and

wishes intended for the successful completion of this kind of project.

Term of Learners,

Prem Kumar

Table of Articles

Chapter | Topic| Webpage Num. | 1| CERTIFICATE| 2

2| DECLARATION| three or more


4| TABLE OF CONTANT| your five


6| Section – you Introduction| several

7| Section – 2 Literature Assessment | 12

8| Section – a few Research Methodology| 13

9| Chapter – 4 Effect and discussions| 16

10| Chapter – 5 Obtaining and Conclusion| 25

11| Reference| 25


13| Appendix| 27-28

| |

| |

List of Table

Chapter | Topic| Webpage Num. | 4. 1| Profession| 12-15

4. 2| Do you have a mobile phone| 16

some. 3| Have you ever heard about samsung| 17

four. 4| which will companies mobile phone are you using| 18

four. 5| By which industry the brand name The samsung company is entail. | 19| 4. 6| what is tagline of Samsung| 20

some. 7| what makes you to buy Samsung| twenty-one

4. 8| You prefer Samsung because of | 22

5. 9| will you recommend Samsung korea to additional | 3

4. 10| acording for you which is close competitor of Samsung| twenty four



* Client

A consumer is definitely an individual who obtain or has the capacity to purchasegoods and

solutions offered on the market by advertising institutions to be able to satisfyВ personal or

household needs, desires or needs.

In respect to a declaration made by Mahatma Gandhi, ‘consumer

refers to the following, " A consumer isВ the most important visitor

about our areas. He isnot dependent on all of us. We are determined by him. He

is definitely not an incomer to ourВ В business. He is a part of it. Our company is not doing him a

favour by serving him. He can doing us a prefer by giving all of us an opportunity to do so”...


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