KeyTerm 11Gender Language

 KeyTerm 11Gender Language Article

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April several, 2014

LING 272

Important Term Job #11: Gender & Dialect

In spiel we have defined gender as being a process of categorization; a concept motivated by

cultural and social rules and practices. According to Ahearn, the definition of " gender” refers to " a

person's ethnical or interpersonal identity as either a female or a person (or a female or a boy) in a particular

culture at a particular historical moment (Ahearn, 2012).

The romantic comedy film Legally Blonde, in which occasional actress Reese Witherspoon portrays

Elle Timber, a sorority girl decided to regain her ex-boyfriend by receiving a law level, is

an example of contrasted gendered organizations according to speech variations and other sorts of criteria.

In various displays throughout the film, especially when reaching her sorority roommates,

Elle Woods communicates having a high-pitched, hyper-feminine voice. As discussed the

different hypothesis about the fact that ladies are more talkative than guys, this can become

noticed demonstrated by simply Elle inside the film. Within a youtube cut of the film that reveals Elle Timber

presenting herself to fellow acquaintances, she has a noticeably bigger voice with inflections,

shares additional information of her life, and smiles and giggles. As opposed, her acquaintances whom will be

mainly male, generally have a lower signup, keep their particular introductions guaranteed short, and don't

show much emotion. While her colleagues retain their introductions straightforward, Elle drifts

off in to talking about fashion adding, " Whoever said orange may be the new pink, is critically

disrupted. ” Furthermore to Elle's speech style, her background studies in fashion, her green

clothing and golden-haired hair, and her puppy dog that the girl seems to tote around almost everywhere

categorize her according to cultural and social norms as hyper-feminine.

The extreme gendered differences found between Elle...


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