Case Study: Arnold Palmer Hospital

 Case Study: Arnold Palmer Clinic Essay

Arnold Palmer Hospital

One of only six clinics in U. S specializing in health

take care of women and kids. Patient by 50 claims and more than 100 countries. Focuses is delivery of babies. Capacity per year can be 6, five-hundred births with 281 beds.

Arnold Palmer Hospital

Demand increased progressively and accomplished 14, 634 birth about

2008. 35 Planning Groups study upon capacity expansion included: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)

Specific forecasts Service copy to new facility Support remain in existing facility Staffing requirements needs Capital equipment ?ng?rulen accounting info Regulatory necessity

Q1: Given the capacity preparing discussion in the text (see Figure S7. 6) what approach will be taken by Arnold Palmer Medical center toward complementing capacity to demand? Answer: The approach that is certainly being used toward complementing capacity to demanding is the Leading Technique  Administration leads potential incrementally  Management can also add new ability which allow it to stay in front of demand

New Capacity Demand

Expected demand

1 2 3 Time (periods)

Q3: Use regression analysis to forecast the point where Swanson must " build out" the top two floors of the fresh building, particularly, when demand will exceed 16, 000 births.

Y(Year)=a +b(x) Y=1987. 8356+0. 0014x(16000)

=2010. thirty four

Conclusion, regression analysis present 2010 Swanson able obtain 16, 000 births and 2011 demand will go beyond 16, 500 births.

The way you get the calculations? Next slide regression examination..

Regression Evaluation Y(Year)=a +b(x)

r2=0. 9720 show the romance between labor and birth & 12 months show a solid

So , alter of season will give a good impact on total of births or the other way round. Intercept(a) Births(b) Coefficients Standard Error you, 987. 8356 0. 6971 0. 0014 0. 0001 t Stat 2, 851. 4554 20. 4132 P-value 0. 0000 0. 0000 Lower 95% 1, 986. 3167 0. 0013 Upper 95% Reduced 95. 0% Upper ninety five. 0% you, 989. 3545 1, 986. 3167 one particular, 989. 3545 0. 0016 0. 0013 0. 0016

x=16, 500; a=1987. 8356; b=0. 0014 Y=2010. thirty four

a can be described as constant, m is the slope (also...


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