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Edward Kamau Brathwaite (born 11 May 1930, Bridgetown, Barbados) is widely deemed one of the major sounds in the Caribbean literary cannon.[1] A professor of Comparative Literature at New York University,[1] Brathwaite is the 2006 Worldwide Winner in the Griffin Poems Prize, for his volume of poetry Born to Slower Horses.[2]

Brathwaite holds a Ph. D. from the College or university of Sussex (1968)[2] the co-founder with the Caribbean Artists Movement (CAM).[3] He received both the Guggenheim and Fulbright Fellowships in 1983,[2] and is also a winner from the 1994 Neustadt International Prize for Literary works,[2] the Bussa Award, the Casa sobre las AmГ©ricas Prize for poetry,[2] plus the 1999 Charitable organization Randall Quotation for Functionality and Created Poetry through the International Beautifully constructed wording Forum.[4]

Brathwaite is observed[5] for his studies of Black social life in Africa and throughout the Photography equipment diasporas worldwide in functions such as People Culture from the Slaves in Jamaica (1970); The Development of Creole Society in Jamaica, 1770-1820 (1971); Contradictory Omens (1974); Afternoon in the Status Crow (1982); and History of the Voice (1984), the publication of which founded him since the expert of notice on region language.[6Co-founder of the Caribbean Artists Movement, Brathwaite is the author of several collections of poetry, which include Elegguas (2010), the Griffin International Poems Prize success Slow Mounts (2005), Ancestors (2001), Middle Passages (1992), and Dark + Blues (1976). His first 3 collections, Privileges of Passage (1967), Masks (1968), and Islands (1969), have been accumulated into The Arrivants: A New Community Trilogy (1973). He is likewise the author of Our Ancestral Heritage: A Bibliography of the Origins of Lifestyle in the English-speaking Caribbean (1976) and Barbados Poetry: A Checklist: Slavery to the Present (1979).

Brathwaite's honors include the Casa de las Unites states Prize intended for Literary Criticism, the Neustadt International Award for Books, the Bussa...

Bibliography: from the Roots of Culture inside the English-speaking Caribbean (1976) and Barbados Beautifully constructed wording: A Checklist: Slavery to the current (1979).

Brathwaite's honors are the Casa de las Unites states Prize to get Literary Criticism, the Neustadt International Prize for Books, the Bussa Award, and the Charity Randall Prize pertaining to Performance and Written Beautifully constructed wording, as well as fellowships from the Fulbright Foundation, the Ford Groundwork, and the Guggenheim Foundation.

Brathwaite has worked in Ghana's Ministry of Education, as well as instructing at Harvard University, the University of the West Indies, and Ny University.

This individual lives in Barbados and Nyc.


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